Payment Declined

Here are a few common reasons why your card may have been declined:

*Your card is expired.

*You have insufficient funds.

*Your card was reported as stolen or frozen.

*If you are using a debit card,please be sure it has a CVV and can be billed as a credit card.

Also for your convenience,your order will not go through if the product is unable to ship to your country.

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Promotion not apploed

*Here are a few common reasons why you promotion may not have applied.

*You did not check out within the promotional time frame.

*Your gift card was already used for a provious order.

*Your gift card has expired.

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Price changed

Many products on Cheers are listed with various options for size and color and our merchants have the option to sell these variations at different prices.

Cheers functions like a global shopping mall with stores around the world.Different stores may have similar items for sale and each store may list those items at different prices.This means that stores compete to give you the best deals!

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